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Sara Lindahl, Founder and CEO
Sara Lindahl, Founder and CEO

About us

Hi my name is Sara Lindahl, I live in a small village situated in northern Sweden with my husband and our children. The idea of Naturlig Deo occurred to me after having difficulties myself finding an organic deodorant without aluminium which actually worked! Additionally I was concerned about the list of ingredients which were both long and difficult to understand. In my search for a truly natural deodorant my requirements, regarding both content & performance, went unfulfilled and so I started developing Naturlig Deo natural deodorants myself.

My natural deodorants consist of few and carefully selected naturally occurring ingredients. They are handmade with care and consideration with regard for both the user, animals and nature. Others like myself who have gone on this search for organic products without masses of additives, chemicals and absurdities know full well the severity of the task. You need look no further, that’s precisely why I’ve created Naturlig Deo.

In autumn 2015, I founded the company Nordic Eco Care with the vision of providing both organic and handmade products which provide a better alternative for both us who use them and the environment. Thanks to you, the demand for these products is increasing daily. You’re more than welcome to contact me!

Phone: +46702261833

Email: info@naturligdeo.se

My wishes are that you´ll be amazed over Naturlig deo’s ability to keep sweaty smells away!