I have a sensitive skin and are looking for a deodorant, do you think I can use Naturlig Deo?

Naturlig Deo is completely different from the commercial deodorants in stores, I definitely think that you should test it. I (Sara), who is the product developer, also have sensitive skin and have tried to make a mild and efficient product that will suit most people. If you have sensitive skin, I recommend that you start testing the deodorants named DOFTFRI or KOKOS, because they do not contain any essential oil. It is common for those who do not tolerate “commercial deo” to tolerate Naturlig Deo because the content is completely different.

How long will a jar of Naturlig Deo last?

With a daily application of a pea sized dab in the armpit, the large jar (60 ml) of Naturlig Deo will last for 3 months, but for some it will last longer.The small jar (15ml) usually lasts 3 weeks with daily use. It all depends on the amount of application applied and how often. Try out what suits you.

Deodorant consists of a lot of oil, does it turn rancid?

The deodorants contains a large amount of coconut oil. Unlike other fat, the coconut oil does not turn rancid so easily. Coconut oil is so stable that it can be left at room temperature for a very long time without turning rancid. Naturlig Deo also contains some Jojoba oil. Jojoba oil is really a kind of liquid wax, which makes the oil very stable.

Does Naturlig Deo leave spots on clothes?

The classic yellow sweat stains are often the result of chemical interactions between your body’s urea and aluminum found in antiperspirants. With Naturlig Deo you don´t have to worry about that because it does not contain any aluminium. If you get white marks on the clothes when you’re dressing, they are easy to remove by rubbing a damp towel on it. We recommend not over applying because it makes it harder for your skin to absorb the deodorant and the risk of getting stains on your clothes are higher.But to avoid stains on your clothes we recommend the following:Allow the deodorant to dry before wearing clothes (just a few seconds).Do not apply more Naturlig Deo than your skin can absorb.Make sure your armpits are dry before applying Naturlig Deo because the deodorant along with water makes staining more likely. If you feel unsure, you can also avoid synthetic materials and tight clothing while you are getting used to Naturlig Deo.

Is Naturlig Deo suitable for vegans?

Yes, all Naturlig Deo are vegan. The products contain only vegetable ingredients. The wax used as a binding agent is a vegan wax; carnauba wax. Of course, no animal tests have been made!

Why is Naturlig Deo in glass jars !?

We have tried Naturlig Deo in both aluminum  and plastic jars, but now we sell the deodorant in glass jars, and it feels so right! We care about both humans and the environment, and therefore glass felt as the obvious choice for us. When the jar is empty, we hope you find a different field of use for the jar or recycle it.

My Naturlig Deo has become loose in texture?

A large portion of Natural Deo consists of coconut oil. Coconut oil changes in consistency due to temperature, but in the summer of 2016, organic carnauba wax added to make it more stable to heat and prevents corn starch and bicarbonate from sinking to the bottom if it is warm and dissolves in consistency. Even if Naturlig Deo changes a little in consistency depending on temperature, it can be used as usual. As the temperature drops, it becomes harder.

How do I apply Naturlig Deo?

Scoop a small dab of deodorant out of the jar. Gently apply a thin layer on dry skin to each armpit. Wait a minute before you dress. Do not over apply. Application is not recommended immediately after shaving, when the skin is sore. But it is perfectly possible, for example, to shave in the evening and then apply the deodorant the following morning, because it also removes existing perspiration odour.

I have just used “common” deodorants, and feel nervous about bad-smelling in the transition to a natural deodorant.

I understand this concern so I hope this answer helps. If you have used conventional deodorant, your sweat glands have probably been clogged by aluminum compounds. Some people may initially experience that they sweat excessively or that the sweat smells very bad, while others do not notice any difference. However, it may be good to know that Naturlig Deo also removes existing sweat odor, so it is sufficient to apply the deodorant a little more often for a time if needed. If you are looking for an aluminum-free organic and natural deodorant, Naturlig Deo will make the change easier for you.