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This small cleaning pad works as a kinder variant of steel wool. Fine copper wires braided into a flat square that makes it easy to access corners and edges to remove burnt residue or ingrained dirt. It effectively cleans your frying pans, pots, sink, stove, stainless steel, crockery, glass and more. Also removes rust from, for example, cutlery, bicycles and cars. Copper is a soft metal that does not scratch enamel and stainless steel. The copper scrubber is NOT recommended for use on sensitive surfaces such as teflon. Always use with water.

Use: Wet the copper scrubber before use, it should only be used when it is wet.

Material: 100% copper

Washing: 60 degrees in machine – use laundry bag or put it in a sock that is tied again.

Size: 5 cm x 4 cm

Environment: 100% recyclable

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