Dish brush head with untreated beechwood

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Dish brush head made with untreated beechwood that fits our complete beechwood dish brush.

Material: Untreated beech wood, medium-hard tampico fibre

Care instructions: A dish brush in natural materials that will last for several months if properly cared. Keep it on a hook or with the head leaning upward on a dishdrainer for it to dry between the dishes. Does not tolerate machine wash but can be dipped in warm water with some vinegar if needed.

Size: The head is 4 cm in diameter on the upper side, 6.5 cm on the underside.

Environment: When the brush on your head is out of fibre, replace the head with this new brush head.
The disk brush head is compostable.

Made in Germany by a company that has manufactured brushes for over 75 years.

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