Eco Soap – Laundry – Cleaning – Dishing

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Handmade Eco Soap perfect to use when cleaning, dishing and for your laundry.

WASH: Apply on stains by rubbing the soap on the stain, or by handwashing. Put the soap in the detergent compartment of the machine.
You can also take 1-2 tablespoons and put in a laundry bag in the drum.
The rinse aid dispenser can be used for those who want to remove bad odors.
CLEANING: Pour hot water over the soap, wait for 10-15 minutes, then take the soap up.
You can also tear some of the soap and dissolve in hot water.
Vinegar or vinegar may be good to mix with.
DISC: Hand wash, pour hot water, work a solder with your hands, then take the soap up.
You can also rinse the soap against the dish brush to remove stainy dishes.


Malin in Ratan’s organic soap bars are handmade in the coastal village of Ratan, a site of cultural and historical significance in Västerbotten, Sweden.

Our handmade eco soap is more than just soap. It is a carefully created and versatile product, an excellent substitute for regular toiletries such as body washes, shampoos, facial cleansers, lotions and shaving cream. Another popular product we provide is a solid soap bar for house cleaning and washing-up. By choosing our solid soaps, you reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals and packaging in your household. Good, right? Handmade Eco Soap by Malin i Ratan:

• All raw materials are ecologically certified • Consisting of vegetable oil and fat only (no palmoil)

• Unscented or with a mild scent of organic essential oils

• Colour and texture from clay and organic herbs

• Preserved best on a soap dish, which allows water to drain through the dish and away from your soap.

• Lasts longer if you switch between two separate bars of soap, allowing each bar to dry.


Through our production, we wish to aid the preservation of genuine Swedish craftsmanship and small-scale manufacturing, while providing goods that are more gentle to both humans and the environment.

(All texts and images are protected by copyright law © Naturlig Deo, Nordic Eco Care AB)

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