Laundry bag in organic GOTS cotton

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With this laundry bag from Keepjar, we can say goodbye to conventional polyester laundry bags that spread microplastics when we wash. This net bag for laundry is made of 100% organically certified GOTS cotton with wooden drawstring.

Use: Tighten the bag with the drawstring. Thread the wooden buttons through the loops several times to lock it. Avoid closing the bag with a knot as it will be difficult to get up when the bag is wet.

Size: 24×30 cm

Care instructions: Machine wash, max 40 ° C. As the cotton is untreated, there is a risk of shrinkage when washed at higher temperatures.

Facts: Made of GOTS-certified cotton. 100% untreated and organic. Even the patch is in cotton. The ethical production partner complies with local labor laws (proper ventilation, access to toilets, no one under 18 is employed). The factories are visited regularly.

The KeepJar brand
KeepJar makes reuse and reuse smart, affordable and irresistible and gives a feeling of cleverness and of taking a little more responsibility in a way that is also economical. KeepJar is at the forefront of showing that recycling and reuse is not only good for the environment but also creates more affordable products for consumers.

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