String bag dark gray, eco GOTS cotton – short handles

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A durable and reusable net carrier bag that helps eliminate the use of plastic bags when purchasing goods. The net bag with short handles is similar to the traditional plastic bags from the grocery store, in terms of handle length. Perfect shopping bag, to take on the trip, beach bag, or handbag. The net carrier bag takes up little space, but expands to hold the contents of about two normal-sized plastic bags and is incredibly spacious and durable. Another great advantage is that you avoid the holes that can occur in the plastic bags.

Facts: Organic GOTS certified cotton and dyeing. Even the patch is in cotton with GOTS-certified non-toxic print.

Size: about 50×35 cm (net box stretches and gets even bigger)
Volume: holds 48 liters

Washing: Wash at 40 degrees. As the cotton is untreated, there is a risk of shrinkage when washed at higher temperatures. Hang up to dry.

Manufacturing and dyeing:
Made in India at a GOTS-certified factory. The factory is visited regularly. The GOTS standard guarantees that the fabric is organic and that a number of international rights for the employees are fulfilled and that no toxic, endocrine disrupting, carcinogenic or polluting chemicals are used in the production and dyeing. Extensive checks are performed by independent certification bodies, which monitor and test all steps of the production chain. Organic cotton, spinning, dyeing and imports are checked regularly.

Other info about the factory:
The factory has a social focus and here are some examples. The usual thing in the textile industry is that textile workers are paid per sewn product, which creates stress for the employee. Our factory applies monthly salaries, which is unusual in the textile industry. Workers are also paid in the event of a temporary decline in the rate of production. Parents have the right to go down in time (to keep up with family life and housework). There is an action plan to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace and a special committee meets once a quarter to identify and prevent it. They work actively to hire housewives to pack products, as a way to get them into working life. 80% of the workers live within 10 minutes walking distance from the factory and can choose to eat at home at lunch.

About the KeepJar brand:
KeepJar makes reuse and reuse smart, affordable and irresistible and gives a feeling of cleverness and of taking a little more responsibility in a way that is also economical. KeepJar is at the forefront of showing that recycling and reuse is not only good for the environment but also creates more affordable products for consumers.

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