Wooden childrens toothbrush

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This handmade and completely natural toothbrush has a handle made of durably harvested beech wood impregnated with vegetable oils and natural resins. The brush is made of sterilized and bleached bristles which otherwise would not be taken after slaughter and the entire toothbrush is completely biodegradable. The handle is smooth and lovely to hold.

This is a child size, but I recommend it from 3 years and upwards due to the size of the brush head.  An excellent toothbrush to take on the trip, or why not let the children create their personal designs on the beautiful handle. My own children love it!

A 100% natural and environmentally friendly toothbrush simply.

Before first use: Rinse the brush head thoroughly in warm water before first use. After rinsing, the straw also becomes softer.

Refreshment: After a while when it feels like it’s time to replace the toothbrush, boil it in a pan of water, it will feel fresh again!

Size: 14 cm

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