Wooden dish brush, union fiber

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A practical and modern designed dish brush in wood and natural materials. The brush consists of strong bristles of natural union fiber. Suitable for all types of dishes but especially good for the coarse dishes, eg pans and pots. The handle is equipped with a leather strap so that it is easy to hang the dish brush in the kitchen.

Material: Oiled beech wood, natural union fiber and leather strap for hanging.

Care instructions: A dish brush in natural material that is cared for properly lasts for several months. Should be hung on a hook or placed airily with the head up in the cutlery stand, for example, to dry between dishes. Cannot be machine washed but can be dipped in warm water with a splash of vinegar if needed.

Size: length 23.5 cm, width of bristles 4 cm

Made in Germany by the company Redecker, which has been making brushes for over 75 years.

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